So Am I A Trimmer?

Yes… and no. (I am pursuing certification with the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners, though, if that’s what you’re asking!)

There are many excellent trimmers in the area. These folks are masters. I wholeheartedly respect them–for wrangling minis to drafts, trimming a dozen or more in a day, for handling horses that–honestly?–nobody wants to touch. (Remember, folks, even the untrained horses gotta get their feet trimmed.) If all you need is a trimmer, let me know–I will happily connect you with them.

I am absolutely delighted to be one of the ones to help shape your horse’s feet into the basis of what will become their awesome, tough-as-nails, rock-crunching hooves.

But there is a day where I will bid you adieu and find you a match in trimming heaven. Don’t worry–I’m here for your booting needs as long as you need me, to make soaking suggestions when an abscess pops up, for an emergency trim when your Gloves don’t fit and you’re leaving in three days for a week in the mountains and those suckers gotta FIT. (I’ll bring some Mueller tape, we can chat about Sikaflexing them, maybe, or if perhaps Hoof Armor might be a good option for those hinds.)

So, what DO I do? Well… it’s all about the Six Things You Need.