Fall Sale!

It’s a Fall Sale!
We’re finally celebrating the onset of beautiful Fall weather in San Diego… so let’s have a sale!

Boots: 10% off; buy 4 or more, get 15% off!

If it’s not in stock–it’s still on sale!!

I guarantee your boots will work for you! Take advantage of my decade’s experience with hoof boots and have me suggest the best boot and size for you. Buy ’em, try ’em–yeah, ride in ’em! And if they don’t work out within 30 days, EXCHANGE THEM! I will get you the right pair of boots! If you’re in or near San Diego, I can come to you for fitting!

Already have a pair that just aren’t right for you or you need a different size? I do trade-ins! Reach out to me here or email sara@spectrumequine.com to get started!

Glove Power Straps: 10% off AND FREE INSTALLATION! Yep–get your boots and get in the saddle! No hassle!
Stowaway Saddle Bags and Storage: 10% off!
E-Z Ride Stirrups: Original 10% off; Ultimate and Ultimate Ultra 15% off!
EasyCare Boot Accessories (replacement gaiters, shells, comfort pads, etc): 10% off!
HorseTech Arizona Copper Complete supplement: 15% off and FREE SHIPPING!

**CA state sales tax and shipping costs may apply.**

Prices below reflect 10% off. Purchases of 4 or more boots qualify for 15% off! Single boot unless noted.

Easyboot Glove (00-4): $67.50
Easyboot Glove (4.5-5): $73.50
Easyboot New Trail (0-6): $74.20
Easyboot New Trail (7-10): $86.43
Easyboot New Trail (11-12):  $121.35
Easyboot Back Country (00-4): $87.30
Easyboot Back Country (4.5-5): $100.40
Easyboot Cloud (00-4): $81.19
Easyboot Cloud (5-8): $94.29
Scoot Boot: $90
Scoot Boot, pair: $170

Full line of EasyCare boots available–most popular options noted above. Here are the rest! Inquire for pricing.