Ghost offers a variety of accessories to go with your fabulous new saddle.

Biothane stirrup straps: These are beautifully thin and offer a fabulous ride. $50
Stirrup keepers: These make buckling your stirrup straps at the stirrup a breeze; they velcro on for a perfect fit. $15
Pommel bolster: For those who like a narrow twist, have a slightly downhill horse, or need to shrink the seat a bit, or all of the above, the bolster is a must. $20
Diminisher: If you need to shrink the seat, this is the way to do it. $20
Girth strap protector: On a sensitive horse, if you’re riding in a Quilty/Quevis/Florac and have a short pad leaving the billets unprotected, you might want these. $25
Slip-on fender: $100
Western fender: $190
English fender (not pictured): $180
Seat saver: Real wool, synthetic backing, $75; sheepskin (not pictured), $110
‘Wild’ exclusive sheepskin saver (pictured): $150

Quevis, Quilty, Florac: $100
Roma, Veneto: $115
Barocco, Universal: $120
Western: $115
Many types of treeless pads will work with Ghost saddles. They are an excellent pad for the price point! But if you already have a suitable pad, no need to purchase one of these. I’m happy to advise on pads–just let me know.

Also available:
Westip girth (dressage): $65
Synthetic western girth: $60
Leather western girth: $75
Seats (Tired of your saddle style? Don’t get a whole new setup–just a new seat!): $340-450, depending on style; exclusive sheepskin, $600
Base: $300
Panels: open (recommended), $100; sealed, $115