Veneto, Roma, and Barocco

The Veneto and Roma are the long-flapped cousins of the Quevis and Quilty. The Veneto features a more forward-cut block and flap, fantastic for those who like to ride with a shorter stirrup or have a longer thigh. The Roma has a straighter block and flap, offering a more dressage-style ride. (The Veneto is certainly capable of this as well!)
The Barocco is an elegant baroque-styled saddle with lots of options: five color zones, the option for either forward (Veneto) or straight (Roma) blocks, stitching designs… if you want a truly unique saddle, the Barocco can provide it!

The Veneto and Roma are priced at $850. The Barocco is $950.
As always, there are multiple options to customize your saddle with!