Quevis, Quilty, and Florac

The Quevis, Quilty, and Florac models offer the same short flap. The difference? The angle of flap and thigh block. The Quilty offers a straight flap and block; the Quevis, an angled flap and block; and the Florac has no block at all.
A favorite with endurance riders or those who just like to have a minimalist saddle!

The Quilty and Quevis are priced at $800, while the Florac comes in at $740.
These models measure 21″ (17″ seat) and 23.5″ (18″), respectively–part of what makes these phenomenal for short-backed horses!
They are roughly 10lbs alone, 12 including pad and inserts. (This does not include fenders.)
As with all Ghosts, you can customize many options such as color, extra dee rings, rigging, and more.
English short girth rigging (designed for a dressage girth) is standard on all Ghosts. Western rigging is available for $15.