Western – USA

Prefer to tackle your trails in western tack? Want to try Western Dressage treeless? Do you just prefer having a horn?
There is a Ghost for you!

The Western USA is priced at $1200. It comes with fenders, which work for most riders between 5’3″ and 6′, and work with a 2.5″ top bar stirrup. It comes with english rigging but can also be ordered with western. The seat can be stitched for $5.
It can be ordered with or without the horn, if desired ($30). Blocks are $25.
This saddle is longer than the other Ghosts, at 24.5″ for a 17″ and 26″ for an 18″. (Keep in mind english sizing runs 2″ longer than traditional western–a 17″ is a 15″ western and an 18″ is a 16″.)