My Ghost Setup

How do I ride my Ghost?

Black Piccolo (17″) Veneto
Black Ghost stirrup straps
Black Ghost stirrup keepers
EZ Ride stirrups
Total Saddle Fit synthetic girth or mohair girth
Skito pad
ThinLine pad
Stowaway packs (2 water bottle holders; 2 boot bags)
Zilco breastcollar*

*PLEASE ride with a breastcollar. This is really not optional with a treeless. I didn’t bother with one once and we opted to go up a steep hill we usually dismount to ride down; if my aged mare didn’t have a hay belly, I would have gone over the back of her. The saddle was at least 6″ if not 8″ too far back; once the shoulders start pushing on the panels, gravity takes over. USE A BREASTCOLLAR.

Of that list, I absolutely cannot do without my Total Saddle Fit girth, EZ Ride stirrups, Skito, and ThinLine. My back definitely notices the difference with and without the ThinLine. I use the English Contour Pad, which works for every saddle I put it under, including my round skirt Western saddle. (Note: not the Ultra ThinLine, which is thinner than the standard ThinLine.) I put it right below my saddle, on top of the pad, whatever I’m riding in that day. Chances are if I’m riding without it it’s because I didn’t have enough coffee before tacking up…

The Total Saddle Fit girth is a phenomenal product which makes a night and day difference for horses with forward girth grooves, laid-back shoulders, difficult backs to fit–all of the things that the Ghost is brilliant for. The success is only compounded upon with the TSF and I highly, highly recommend them. I use the synthetic girth and have had no problems with the material on my very sensitive horse.

If you need less stretch or have a horse who galls easily, mohair is another great option.

EZ Ride stirrups are another great invention–between the wide, padded footbed and the shock-absorbing top bar, you really can’t get any better. I have both aluminum and plastic varieties. The aluminum hurts more when it clanks against your shin while you’re carrying your saddle out of the tack room. Otherwise, I can’t tell the difference.

Skito pads are my personal gold standard in treeless pads. Ghost makes an excellent treeless pad for the money, but the quality in a Skito is second to none. With the options for felt, wool fleece, Dryback, lamination, shims, and more, you can create a Skito that ensures absolute comfort for you and your horse. I recently got new foams for my pad which was, at minimum, 12 years old. I have one which is on the downhill side of 15, too, both in excellent shape and used regularly. They’re not cheap, but boy, do they last.

No, I don’t get paid for these non-Ghost endorsements. I just like to make horses happy.