Spectrum Equine offers a range of services, encompassing the full spectrum–yes, I went there–of natural horse-human partnership.

I specialize in performance barefoot transition support: this means I will get you and your horse on your way to soundness, working with other professionals, if needed. I do also do maintenance trims–keeping your horse happy and healthy, day in, day out.

Transition support entails:

  • Pre-transition consult, including hoof pathologies, body concerns, diet evaluation, and more
  • Shoe removal, if needed, and initial trim
  • Boot fitting: ideally, I should have boots for your horse in stock. If not, we’ll figure out what sizes you need, and I’ll get you set up with a tape-on solution while we get boots shipped in. Glue-ons or leave-in sole products such as Hoof Armor or Sole-Guard are also options.
  • Follow-up trims at necessary intervals; for some horses this can be 10-14 days initially, but it’s often 4 weeks.
  • Connection with other professionals in the area
  • Support through the common transition problems: chipping, abscessing, thrush, weird growth spurts, sudden bursts of enthusiasm–who knew your super-mellow navicular horse could buck like that?

As a part of my hoof boot solutions, I’m always interested in used boots. Transitioning horses often change shape, and I’m happy to give you a credit towards other stock if you’ve got a spare.

I am also the Southern California Ghost Saddle Fitter. If you’re looking for a treeless saddle, I’d love to chat and see if a Ghost could work for you. They’re incredible saddles, and the unique rigging and panel system bypasses many common treeless saddle issues, allowing them to fit horses who are not well served by traditional saddles or more common treeless options.

When not being a super-geeky barefoot enthusiast or picking out really snazzy color options for Ghosts, I’m happily off being one of those barefoot, bitless, treeless people who practices natural horsemanship (though I do ride bitted or in treed saddles, and am experienced in choosing bits and fitting saddles). I’m available to share my natural horsemanship techniques both under saddle or on the ground. My experience lies in classical dressage and technical trail riding, but I’m forever enjoying learning new things from everyone I can. (Kismet and I might actually be considering a bit of eventing? with little tiny jumps?)

Really, my passion is happy, healthy horses, enjoying their humans and their time on Earth.